Safety Check & Adjust                            £40

   Ideal for bikes used for short distances few times a week & mostly during good weather.


  • Frame & forks checked for damage.

  • Brakes & gears adjusted

  • Chain checked and lubricated(replaced if  necessary & drivtrain doenst need extra cleaning)

  • Wheels and tyres inspected for wear(Tyres pumped)

  • All bolts checked for correct torque

  • Kids bikes safety check £20

 General Service                                  £70 

Recommended every 3-6 months for those who ride regularly


  • Everything included in Basic Service +

  • Headset checked for pitting and adjusted

  • Bottom bracket checked and adjusted

  • Drivetrain removed, de-greased, serviced and refitted including chainset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, derailleurs and pedals (parts replaced if worn)

  • Brakes checked, tuned and re-aligned (front and rear)

  • Wheels trued and missing or broken spokes replaced

  • Gears checked, tuned and re-aligned (front and rear)

  • Wheel hubs inspected and re-greased

  • All parts come at extra cost

Full Service                                         £100

Recommended every 12 to 18 months for riders who cant be separated from they're bikes.

  • Everything included in General Service +

  • Frame stripped of all parts and cleaned 

  • Handlebars cleaned back, cabling checked and refitted.

  • Hubs stripped , serviced and re-greased(new cones & bearings)

  • All parts come at extra cost

Single Speed Bikes & Fixed

Full Service £80

General Service £50

Safety Check & Adjust £30

All service prices are for labour charge only. A quote will be provided and agreed on before work commences.

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